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Sounter Application

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Sounter Application Empty Sounter Application

Post by sounter Sun 08 Mar 2020, 12:14

Real name (first name only): Karol
Ingame nickname: Sounter
Character class: Gladiator
Character level: 10
Experience with Aion: from 1.0 to 4.0 patch (few years)
How would you rate your English skills: Almost perfect !
Why would you like to join us: I'm new player with a lot of experience , i will got max lvl in max 1-2 days. I have some question on beggint for example , what VPN program i need to use to get the lowerest ping (i live in germany i got 170. When i use one program i got 65-70 (i dont know its enouth).
My main were assassin and ranger. I'm create gladiator because i was hated that class in patch 3.5 and i wasn't already try to play him + scared too high ping for assassin/ranger but game work rly ... rly good !


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Sounter Application Empty Re: Sounter Application

Post by Adora Sun 08 Mar 2020, 14:59

Hey Sounter,

many thanks for your application.
I am happy to send you an invitation to our legion once I meet you ingame.
When you are only please whisper Adora, Maryjoana, Fabe, Thelostprophet or Ascended and we will invite you accordingly.


Be excellent to each other!

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