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Post by Adora Fri 06 Mar 2020, 09:44

Dear all,

we are an international community of english speaking players on Aion Destiny 3.5 (

We play Asmodian, have 120+ members and our legion is already at level 6.
For our members we offer free access to a private Discord channel.

Our slogan is "be excellent to each other", in detail this means:
Be respectful to each other, be tolerant, be helpful, behave mature, play together, support each other, have fun and a good time.

We have both types of members, hardcore players and casual gamers.
Most of us are grown up adults with a real life, some are even parents. Thus we have no restrictions like a minimum character level or a minimum daily playtime.

We are always happy to welcome new members as long as they are willing to "be excellent to each other"!
Are you interested in joining us? Simply create a new topic as your legion application here (make sure to include the required information is described here).

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